Kodiak, Alaska
1976 - 1978


Jimmy Amason ~ Guitar, Vocals
Paul Curley ~ Bass
 Patti Greene ~ Bass
Rob Murphy ~ Drums
Rick Shepard ~ Guitar, Vocals

Rick Shepard is currently making sure the computers are all working correctly for the Fish and Game in Kodiak.

 Jimmy Amason is currently Guitar Teching for Dashboard Confessional everywhere.

Paul Curley is currently doing special effects in the film industry, Los Angeles.

Patti Greene is currently touring Alaska with Lulu and the Aqua nets and many other Alaska Bands.

Jimmy Amason, February 2008

I was in 2 different bands in Kodiak Alaska during the 70's...  The Kodiak Allstars and a band called Shearwater.  Since then I've played with many bands living LA..  Mick Taylor, Ian Mclagan and the Bump, The Cruzados, Slave and a few local one offs with Billy Idol. Presently I've been guitar teching for Dasboard Confessionl.

Jimmy Amason, February 2008

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Credits:  Jimmy Amason
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