Donn, Jon, Bob, Craig, Joel
Karen, Shelley, Sally

Shelley and the Curves
Seattle, Washington
2003 to Present


Sally Annabella ~ Vocals
Karen Ford ~ Vocals
Joel Johnson  ~  Keys
Paul Kollman ~ Drums
Mark Mossholder ~ Bass
Bob Tomberg ~ Guitar, Vocals
Shelley Tomberg ~ Vocals
Craig Webb ~ Guitar


Nikki DeCaires ~ Vocals
Donn Garrett ~ Drums
Nikia Knight ~ Vocals
Tom Lash ~ Drums
Rick Meyerson  ~  Drums
Jon Miller ~ Bass
Mark Mosholder ~ Bass
Mark Ramirez ~ Bass
Lauralee Smith ~ Keys, Vocals

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Courtesy of Joel Johnson

Shelley and the Curves - Photo Courtesy of The Curves Band
Mark Ramirez, Bob Tomberg, Rick Meyerson, Craig Webb, Joel Johnson
Karen Ford, Shelley Tomberg, Sally Annabella

Shelley and the Curves - Photo borrowed from their website

Shelley and the Curves - Photo courtesy of Tom Lash
Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in this band include: Flight, Rock Kandy, Shotgun, Just the Two of Us, Roundhouse, The Ducks, ReDux, Panama, Blenders, Louie and The Rockets, The Warlocks, The Bulldogs, Merrilee and the Turnabouts, and many other NW bands.

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Last Update: 21 January 2017
Credits:  Tom Lash, Bob Tomberg, Lauralee Smith, Joel Johnson
Band # 1500