Sherman Bros. Band - Image courtesy of Jeff Sherman
Bob Moore, Greg Sherman, Jeff Sherman, Rick Wiley, Jack Scott - Photo by Erik Poulsen
The Sherman Brothers Band
Port Townsend, Washington
1978 - 1980


Paul Black ~ Drums
Bob Moore ~ Guitar
Tim Oches ~ Drums
Jack Scott ~ Lead Guitar, Vocals
Greg Sherman ~ Keyboards
Jeff Sherman ~ Bass, Vocals
Rick Wiley ~ Drums, Background Vocals

Eric Poulsen ~ Sound, Photography

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I remember one of the most incredible things happened to me and the guitar player Jack Scott.  We were walking up from a little grocery store near the Port Townsend Junior High School which we had both attended as kids. The playfield was right below the school and across the street from the store. Suddenly some kid yells "HEY LOOK!! It's two of the Sherman Brothers!!!", and this huge mob of kids started running towards us.  It was something totally out of "A Hard Days Night". . ahh the days of youth, eh?

Jeff Sherman, May 2005

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Last Update:  17 February 2009
Credits: Jeff Sherman, Eric Poulsen (photo)
Band # 1716