The Shirkers
Kirkland, Washington
2002 - 2005


Chuck Hofferbert ~ Guitar, Vocals
Dave Hofferbert ~ Guitar, Vocals
Mark Provost ~ Drums, Keys, Harp
Dano S ~ Bass

AP Press Release:

Dateline Monday October 18, 2010.  This just in from reliable sources.

Rumor has it that Shirker bassist Desert Dan will be traveling to the Northwest in December of 2010.  Speculation is swirling around a possible Shirker reunion slated for Friday December 3rd at an undisclosed location.  Bowing to pressure from music executives and a fan base still clamoring for their moneys worth, the fabulous foursome (Desert Dan, Shots Markie, The Chuckster, and BCITM Dave) have been involved in secret negotiations for several years.  A source  close to the band (actually an Irishman stinking of whiskey) was quoted as saying “Ayeee, tis a distinked poseablility that the lads may getting their swerve on in the not to distant future.  And you don’t want to be getting in the way of that freight train!”

Dave Hofferbert, November 2010

The Shirkers Reunion Photos - 2010

"Associated Press Release, dateline Seattle Washington"
After honing their skills in the deep recesses of Daman's Bar and Grill, The Shirkers have swept over the Seattle Blues scene like a pacific tsunami.  Their smoky grooves are staining the walls and leaving their mark on blues clubs across the Seattle Metropolitan area.

Ah, Hello?  My name is Dave.  I'm trying to contact members of a band known as "The Shirkers".  Any information as to the whereabouts of the band members would be appreciated.

    Dano Seese aka "Desert Dan the Handy Man", the bands bass player was last known to be sipping rum and cokes in Tucson Arizona.   He had a far away look in his eyes, and a 'bag o meat' in his possession.

    Band member Charles Hofferbert aka "The Chuckster" was last seen in the Arlington, Washington area working as a PC repairman".  He seemed to be disoriented and was heard mumbling, "what key is this .dll file in".

    Mark Provost, drummer, keyboardist and harpist, disappeared after the bands last performance, along with the bands payroll, and is presumed to be living in the Cayman Islands.  The band members are being sought in an effort to ink a deal with the VH1 "Reunion" series.

If you have information regarding their whereabouts, please contact the undersigned.


Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in members of this group include:  Transaction, Greg Marshall Band and many others NW bands.

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Last Update:  31 December 2012
Credits:  Dave Hofferbert, Dano
Band # 2433