Eric Simpson, Gloria Greenwood, Rick McConnell
Greg Pettit, Bill Diffenbach, Gary Oldroyd
Queen Anne, Washington
1970 - 1977


Jerome Buroker ~ Saxophone
Greg Damico ~ Bass
Bill Diefenbach ~ Drums
Steve Flynn ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Tony Ford ~ Vocals
Gloria Jean Greenwood ~ Vocals
James Gruspe ~ Trumpet
Darrow Hunt ~ Saxophone
Joel Johnson ~ Electric Piano, Vocals
Joe Joseph ~ Saxophone
Tom Lash ~ Drums
Rick McConnell ~ Guitar
Terry Morgan ~ Bass
Gary Oldroyd ~ Bass
Greg Pettit ~ Saxophone
Ken Rose ~ Bass
John Sharf ~ Drums
Ed Simpson ~ Trumpet
Martel Singletarry ~ Drums
Don Weaver ~ Saxophone
Rolf Wilsgard ~ Vocals

The above collection of photos is an earlier version of "Shotgun".  Top right: Rick McConnell (guitar), and bottom left Greg Pettit (saxophone). The rest are unfamiliar to me, but it is "Shotgun" from Queen Anne, nonetheless.

Joltin' Joel Johnson, February 2008

In the above photo are:

Top Left - Right:   Eric Simpson, Gloria Greenwood, Rick McConnell
Bottom Left - Right:   Greg Pettit, Bill Diffenbach, Gary Oldroyd

Gary Oldroyd, January 2014

Original Shotgun members were myself And Tony Ford, vocals,. Joe Joseph sax, Brian , trumpet, Arnie, trombone, Terry Morgan bass, Tom lash , drums, and Rick McConnell, GT-R. 4 white guys and 3 black guys playing soul/RB. You can imagine our reception touring Montana in 70/71. Crowds loved it!  Cowboys had a problem with our dual Ethnicity. ......

Rolf Wilsgard, January 2017

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Last Update:  3 January 2017
Credits: Joel Johnson, Tom Lash, Rolf Wilsgard, Chandler Keeler (R.I.P.), Donald Weaver, Gary Oldroyd, Rolf Wilsgard
Band # 888