Tacoma/Olympia, Washington
1974 - 1978


Mark Burt ~ Keyboards
Dave Croston ~ Bass
Vicki Feltz ~ Vocals
Steve LaFontaine ~ Guitar
Paul Salerno ~ Guitar
Steve "Zack" Taylor ~ Drums, Vocals

Others ?

Showcase dates back to around 1974 in Olympia. They contacted a keyboard player, Mark Burt, and myself, stating that they were reorganizing the band, needing a new keyboard player and bass player. Mark and I were looking for a new band as a team, so I switched from guitar to bass and we joined up with Steve (Zack) Taylor, Steve LaFontaine, and Vicki Feltz.  I left the band after a year to go back to playing guitar.  Steve Lafontaine and Vicki eventually left as well, but the band continued on with different personnel utill about 1978.

Dave Croston, August 2008

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Last Update:  9 August 2008
Credits:  Paul Salerno, Dave Croston
Band # 657