Image courtesy of Bob Gallagher
Spokane, Washington
1968 -1975


Cliff Damschen ~ Bass, Vocals
Brad Gardner ~ Drums
Dale Henke ~ Guitar, Vocals
Dick Hines ~ Lead Guitar, Vocals


Earl Cooper ~ Band Boy

In Memory of

Cliff Damschen
Brad Gardner
Dale Henke

Dick Hines (d:  Feb 2004)

Sidhartha Members included Dick Hines lead guitar and lead vocals, Brad Gardner on drums, Cliff Damschen on Bass and vocals, Dale Henke on rhythm guitar and vocals. Sidhartha was a popular band around Spokane and played at the Gonzaga Pavilion many times and at High Bridge as well and the Graughto that was East of Gatsby's downtown Spokane. Sidhartha was together for about seven years from the late 1968 through 1975. When the group broke up Dick and I were going to start a band but it never happened as Dick moved to Portland and joined the group Airborne. Dick phoned me several times trying to get me to move to Portland and join Airborne, however, I was married with a family and couldn't make it happen. Biggest mistake of my life. Especially after I heard them at the Wreck of Hesperus rock club in Portland.

Matt Hines, May 2007

Image courtesy of Bob Gallagher

I remember playing at a couple of out-door summer (High Bridge Park) concerts in the early 70s where 'Sidhartha' was also on the bill.  I never got to know any of those guys, other than a brief, "Hi, how are ya."  They were very popular around here for several years.

Chuck Burbank, May 2007

Courtesy of Skip Cooper

Both Dale and Cliff are deceased.  Cliff Damschen was Dale's uncle even though he was a couple of years younger than Dale.

Don Nichols (Dale's cousin), July 2010

WPTN Radio, Cookeville, Tenn

My name is Earl Cooper, Keyboard, Bass, and Vocals for Blue Spring Water, a NW Band from 1980 to 1992.  I was the band boy for Sidhartha back in the early 70's.  I am lucky to know Sidhartha's music and I can still hear the songs in my head.

I was a friend of Cliff Damschen, their Bass player and Dale Henke, their rhythm player who did most of the singing.  Dale could remember words to songs like no one else.

Dick Hines was one of the best lead players around then.

Brad Gardner was hot on the drums - making a band that really had a chance to go someplace.  They just needed the right doors to open.

I had a great time with these guys and did learn a lot from them.  I always wanted to be the keyboard player for them

R.I.P. Cliff, Dale, and Dick . . . thanks for the good times.

In the above photo:  That is Brad Gardner at the drums and in front of the amp stands, Cliff Damschen on Bass. That is Dale Henke's arm to the right of Brad and Dick Hines is out of the picture to the left of Cliff.  Sidhartha was playing at North Idaho's  "Farragut Rock Festival" over the 4th of July 1971. The picture was on the cover of the "Spokesman Review", the Spokane paper.

Earl Cooper, September 2010

Image courtesy of Bob Gallagher

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Credits:   Matt Hines, Chuck Burbank, Don Nichols, Earl Cooper, Bob Gallagher
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