Aka:  Blowzhun
Oregon City, Oregon
1974 - 1979


Eddy Clapp ~ Synthesizer, Vocals
Rick Fargher ~ Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Ron Hargadine ~ Drums
Craig Haskell ~ Bass, Vocals
Russ Weinman ~ Guitar, Vocals


John Wymore ~ Sound

In Memory of

Eddy Clapp

Craig met Rick at work at the local college where they shared music ideas, and Craig's best friend was Ron Hargadine, a drummer.  They practiced as a 3 piece doing Rick's original material calling themselves Blowzhun.

They started getting paid for gigs so they got serious.  They went through a series of auditions for new members adding Russ, who was homeless at the time, and Eddy who's showmanship was needed.  The band, now known as Silverfall, matured over time adding lighting and state of the art sound through their sound engineer, John Wymore.

Silverfall played all over the state from Lincoln City to The Dalles. They had three booking agencies at one time and was sometimes playing 5 nights a week, PLUS their day jobs!

Pressure came to bear when they double booked week-ends to raise money for a recording.  An outdoor concert was rained out, ruining some of the equipment, and the band parted ways in September 1979.

Craig now plays keyboards for Whiskey Hill in Portland.  Ron plays for another local Portland band.  Rick does recording and session work around Bend.  Russ moved to Iowa and is starting to record a little.  Eddy passed away a few years ago. The four remaining members still keep in touch with each other.

Rick Fargher, October 2011

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Last Update:   21 October 2011
Credits::  Rick Fargher, Craig Haskell
Band # 2926