Silver Fox
Tacoma, Washington
1970 - 1972


Robert Blevins ~ Bass
Steve Coleman ~ Guitar

Rick Delarno ~ Guitar
Mike Ernesti ~ Drums
Rick Galarneau ~ Guitar, Vocals
Joe Haas ~ Drumss
Mike Jaap ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Bill Kitchen ~ Bass

Long before Kenny Rogers started calling himself the silver fox, my friend, Mike Jaap of Tacoma had a band called Silver Fox.  They were excellent, but were not too well accepted at the time (1970-72) because their music was too sophisticated for most rock audiences.  They were actually kind of prog-rock and jazz-rock fusion.  If I remember right they did all original material (something practically illegal back then) and it was very good!  They were working with unusual time signatures and progressive harmonies.

The only two names I remember are leader/keyboardist Mike Jaap and guitarist Rick Delarno.  They played mostly around the Tacoma area.  I saw them in the Lincoln Bowl once.  They played the gig wearing tuxedos with tails.

Bob Phillips, June 2007

I was in the band Silver Fox for about nine months when I was barely out of high school .  I didn't play the Lincoln Bowl gig, but I remember it well. I  was in the audience and about 2,000 people showed up, maybe more.  There were at least three bands that night.

Today I have a publishing business in South King County called Adventure Books of Seattle.  I mostly write and edit books these days.

Robert Blevins, April 2011

We changed the name of the band to  Flight in 1972

Rick Galaneau, July 2016

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Last Update:   18 April 2017
Credits:  Bob Phillips, Robert Blevins, Rick Galarneau
Band #  2330