SIlverheels - 1973-1974 - Photo Courtesy of Jim Adams
Tacoma/Pullman, Washington
1973 - 1985


Jim Adams ~ Guitar, Vocals
Rob Hampton ~ Guitar, Vocals
Tom Harbeson ~ Drums, Vocals
Ron Jansen ~ Drums
Gordon Klein ~ Drums
Mark Lindberg ~ Bass, Vocals
Marv McCain ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Max Mitchell ~ Drums, Vocals
Tony Riccobono ~ Bass, Vocals

In Memory of

Max Mitchell

Silverheels - Photo Courtesy of Jim Adams

This group began in early 1974 and featured: Jim Adams, Rob Hampton, Tony Riccobono and Max Mitchell. The group initially went for a Southern Rock top 40 genre and leaned  also towards the Doobie Bros., BTO, etc.  The group was reasonably successful out on the "Jollie Ollie" circuit in 1974.  In 1975, the "Eastern Washington" version was born after Jim moved to Pullman to work on his M.A..  This group included: Mark Lindberg, Marv McCain, and Tom Harbeson.  This "Silverheels" was quite successful in and around the Palouse for two years. "Silverheels" stayed together in one form or another all the way to 1985. The basic members being Jim and Mark with various drummers.

Jim Adams, August 2002

Silverheels in 1975 - Photo Courtesy of Jim Adams
Silverheels in 1975

I was in "Silverheels" during its Eastern Washington incarnation and played the Hammond M3 organ.  And, as a matter of fact, I have saved many of the promo pics that we had taken at the time.

It is interesting (perhaps) to note that three of the four of us, Jim Adams, Tom Harbeson, and myslef were students at WSU at the time.  Mark Lindberg, the bass player, was a Pullman local.

I have attached what I hope is the best picture of the group that I have, although it is a bit grainy.  That's how it looked in the PR packets.  Those with a really keen eye for Pullman and the WSU campus might be able to recognize the circular tower of a WSU building in the background.

Marv McCain, September 2003

SIlverheels - Photo Courtesy of Marv McCain

Silverheels 1976 - 1979 - Photo Courtesy of Jim Adams
Mark Lindberg, Jim Adams and Ron Jansen

Silverheels - 1979 - 1982 - Photo courtesy of Jim Adams
Silverheels as a Lounge Trio       79 - 82

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Last Update: 18 May 2012
Credits:  Jim Adams, Max Mitchell, Marv McCain, Tony Riccobono, Ron Jansen
Band # 941