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Silver Seagull - Photo by and courtesy of Laddy Kite
Silver Seagull
Ocosta Grange
Ocosta, Washington

Some of the bands that rocked this place during those early years of NW music were:

Emergency Exit
The Statesmen

Silver Seagull - Photo by and courtesy of Laddy Kite

The Silver Seagull was a summertime mecca for teen dances from 1962 through 1966.  It was located just east of Westport, WA on the Washington coastline in the very small town of Ocosta.  The beaches were packed with people every summer and in the spring of 1962 Stan Foreman and Steve West of radio station KHOK and S&S Promotions, got the idea to rename the Ocosta Grange to The Silver Seagull and promote teen dances every Saturday night.  The building had an official fire capacity of 199 but there were many nights when 500 to 600 teens packed the place.

Many Northwest bands played The Silver Seagull including:  The Beachcombers, The Capris, The Stingrays, Emergency Exit, The Artesians, The Chessmen (Hoquiam) and dozens of others.  The building is still standing to this day and is still being used as a grange hall, but now goes by its original name, The Ocosta Grange.

Stan Foreman, October 2002

The hall was so small that a couple hundred kids packed it.  I remember being bumped by some jerk who was taking up more than his share of the floor so I bumped him back.  The next thing I remember is just barely ducking a right fist to my chin.  Great memories!

Gary Gozart, May 2010

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