Sir Jonathon and the Nightriders
Seattle, Washington
1966 - 1969


Greg Cole ~ Drums
Dave Cook ~ Bass
John Kirtch ~ Keyboards
Brooke Lazott ~ Keyboards
Bob Lenz ~ Guitar, Vocals
John Williams ~ Harp, Vocals

Sir Johnathon  and the Nightriders consisted of Bob Lenz, John Williams, Dave Cook, Greg Cole and Brooke Lazott.  Brooke was later replaced with John Kirtch.

We played High School, Junior High Schools, Street Fairs, Battles of the Bands and at Lake Hills Roller Rink.  We continued playing the same type music as before.  Now most of the music we had been playing for the last two years was being played on the local stations...KJR etc.  Pat O'DAY once sang Money at a high school dance with us backing him up.

Greg Cole, January 2007

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Last Update:   24 November 2011
Credits:  Greg Cole
 Band # 2136