Seattle, Washington
1973 ~ 1981


Ray Bloom ~ Bass
Pat Bohle ~ Drums
Mike Elliott ~ Guitar
Matt Gallagher ~ Guitar
Dudley Hill ~ Guitar
Tom Kell ~ Guitar
Chris Leighton ~ Drums
Chris Middaugh ~ Pedal Steel Guitar
Ken Parypa ~ Bass
Ed Rooney ~ Bass
Scott Smith ~ Piano, Guitar
Bill Stroum ~ Bass
Donny Teesdale ~ Drums
Leon Waldbauer ~ Guitar
Linda Waterfall ~ Bass
Gaye Winsor ~ Vocals
Robert X. Wolf ~ Drums, Vocals


Mark Douty ~ Lights

In Memory of

Ken Parypa
Dudley Hill
1948 - 2005

Flyer shamlessly swiped from The Heaters website.

Scott Smith, Chris Leighton, Tom Kell, Leon Waldbauer, Bill Stroum
About 1981

Photo Courtesy of Mark Douty

Photo Courtesy of Mark Douty.

Photo Courtesy of Mark Douty

Photo Courtesy of Mark Douty

Album Images Courtesy of Bob Bolerjack

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Credits: Lisa McKitrick, Mark Douty, Andy Parypa  Darryl Riffero, Denny Richey, Chris Leighton, Christine Winsor, Ray Bloom, The Heaters Website, Bob Wolf, Bill Stroum, Bob Bolerjack

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