Skylark - Photo Courtesy of Norm MacPherson
Duris Maxwell,  B.J.Cook, David Foster, Norm MacPherson, Donny Gerrard
Photo Courtesy of Norm MacPherson

Victoria/Vancouver, British Columbia
1971 ~ 1973


B.J. Cook ~ Vocals
Doug Edwards ~ Guitar
David Foster ~ Keyboards
Donny Gerrard ~ Vocals
Carl Graves ~ Percussion
Brian Hilton ~ Drums
Duris Maxwell ~ Drums
Norm MacPherson ~ Guitar
Steven Pugsley ~ Bass

View a Skylark "Wildflower" video at YouTube

Original members of Skylark were David Foster, Steve Pugsley, Duris Maxwell, Doug Edwards, Donny Gerrard, Carl Graves, and B.J.Cook.  Four of us were from Victoria, the rest from Vancouver. There were several other people who intermittently came and went, but nothing was a good as the original group.

It still blows my mind that there are people who don't know who Foster is, or what he's accomplished in the music industry. Today, besides being one of most successful producers in the world, he is vice president of Warner music!  David Foster and I were married for 10 years.  We had a daughter who turned to be an incredible writer.  She has a song on Josh Grobans CD and is moving to Nashville, the only place left where they nurture singers and writers.

I left Vancouver and Foster and I joined up with Ronnie Hawkins and became Hawks  in 1970.  Foster is producing Josh Groban's new CD.  I just did a huge concert with The Hawk a couple of months ago at Casinorama... and the beat goes on!

B.J. Cook, August 2003

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Last Update: 18 July 2011
Credits: Dan Hutchinson, Norm MacPherson, B.J. Cook, Brian Hilton, Duris Maxwell, Alan Burns
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