Rick McLester
Seattle, Washington
1976 - 1978


Jeffrey Bruton ~ Bass, Vocals
Kent Bruton ~ Keyboards
Ferral Hall ~ Lead Guitar, Vocals
Rick McLester ~ Drums, Vocals
Mike Walters ~ Rhythm Guitar, Vocals

Ferral Hall

Jeffrey Bruton

The first real band I was in was called Slayer. I was fifteen and had been playing guitar and bass for a few years and thought I was good enough to join a band. It was 1976 and I was focusing on bass so I answered an ad in the Seattle Times for a band looking for a bass player.

I talked to Ferral Hall on the phone and scheduled an audition. When I got to the audition only Rick McLester was there setting up his drums. He must have been about 21 at the time. Ferral Hall and Mike Walters showed up soon after. Ferral was our lead player and was 31.  Mike was our rhythm guitarist and was in his mid twenties.

I guess I did OK since they asked me to join the band.  We played mostly covers and all sang which was great. Ferral was a great screamer which I imagine he picked up from the Sonics and Wailers records.

My brother Kent started running sound for us and built us a light system. Being an accomplished boogie woogie piano player, he eventually joined the band on keyboards.

We were a true garage band! Louder than crap and a little rough around the edges!

Jeffrey Bruton, December 2007

Ferral Hall

Mike Walters

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Last Update: 1 November 2008
Credits:  Jeffrey Bruton

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