Photo by and Courtesy of Tim Rounds
Photo By Tim Rounds
Slick and Wicked
Seattle, Washington
1971 - 1975


Bobby Ciarcia ~ Guitar
Larry Culp ~ Guitar
Thom DeRosa ~ Bass
Hans Ipsen ~ Guitar
Win Kutz ~ Bass
Joe Magee ~ Congas, Keyboards, Vocals
Steve Morgan ~ Bass
Tim Orden ~ Vocals
Denny Phelps ~ Organ
Glen "Smoke" Urbank ~ Keyboards
Gary Williams ~ Drums

In Memory of

Steve "Bumper" Morgan
Hans Ipsen

Original members were Win, Larry, Tim and Joe.  We travelled all over the northwest in the early 70s, from Montana, to Idaho to Oregon and of course Washington.

Tim Orden, May 2003

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Last Update:  8 January 2008
Credits: Win Kutz, Tim Rounds, Steve Fearey, Tim Orden, Thom DeRosa, Denny Phelps, Joseph Magee, Randy Hoyle, Krys Lilly
Band # 875