The Small Crowd on Happening - '68
The Small Crowd
Eugene, Oregon
1967 - 1971


Pat Ahern ~ Bass, Vocals
Gene Garrett ~ Guitar, Vocals
Ron Gordon ~ Drums
Frank Nauchman ~ Lead Guitar
Ken Paxton ~ Organ, Vocals
Kathy Smith ~ Lead Guitar, Vocals

The Small Crowd on Happening - '68

The Small Crowd was a combination of members from two other bands, The Dominions and H.B. and The Checkmates.  Both bands played in the Oregon area, specifically around the U of Oregon, for several years and were very successful.

The Small Crowd originated in Eugene, Oregon.  I formed the band in late 1967 and it went on to play for about four years.  We wrote many of our own songs and our focus was on multiple part harmony.  The goal was to combine exceptional harmonies with a driving, danceable rhythm.

We moved to Los Angeles and shared the same management as the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and the Sunshine Company.  We played clubs in LA for a couple years but I returned to graduate school after our girl lead singer was signed away from us by Richey Havens.  We were actually in a San Francisco recording studio waiting for her to show up when we got a phone call saying she was in New York recording with Richey Havens!!!  So much for that album!  Her name was Kathy Smith and she went on to record three solo albums and sing back-up on several others.

Ken Paxton, February 2004

The Small Crowd on Happening - '68

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Credits: Don Rogers, Ken Paxton, Larry Rodman, Gene Garrett, Ron Kleim, Pat Ahern
Band # 477