Smokin Guns
Tri-Cities, Washington
1990 - 1995


Rob Burrows ~ Electric Fiddle, Violin, Vocals
Tim Halloway ~ Drums Vocals
Jim Henning ~ Bass, Vocals
Bob Williams ~ Drums
Chuck Williams ~ Guitar, Vocals

This band was from 1990 to 1995 the outfits name was Smokin Guns.  Chuck Williams was from Baltimore.  Tim Halloway was from Moses Lake, Bob WIlliams from Richland, Rob Borrows from Pasco, and Jim Henning from Kennewick.

They played music at the Zoo in eastern Oregon as a house band six nights a week.   They opened a concert for Sawyer Brown at the Tri-Cities coliseum for over 9,000 fans.  That was a rush for us.  Mark, their lead singer, wanted us to open for them in some other north west venues they were playing at but alas we were just a working band ( 6 nights a week ) and were committed under contract and had to decline.  We also backed up ol Ferlin Huskey one night.  Nice guy and still sang pretty good.  That to was fun.  All in all this was a good band but swelled heads and big egos finally took its toll.

Jim Henning, October 2008

Some of the Pacific Northwest music groups represented today in members of this group include: Rock n Souls, Crimson Saints, Rapid Transit System, and many other Northwest Groups

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Last Update:  15 April 2011
Credits:  Jim Henning
 Band # 2457