Photo Courtesy of Mike Poe
The Solid Gold Show
Seattle, Washington
1973 - 1974


Brian Clarke ~ Drums, Vocals
Thom Gustafson ~ Guitar, Steel, Vocals
Michele Malone ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Mark McGlenn ~ Guitar, Vocals
Dave Perkins ~ Bass, Vocals

In Memory of

Brian Clarke

“The Solid Gold Show” was with Michele Malone, vocals and keyboards, Thom Gustafson, guitar, steel guitar and vocals, Mark McGlenn, guitar and vocals, Brian Clarke, drums and vocals, and Dave Perkins, bass and vocals. We played the Lynnwood Tavern, the Riverside Inn in Tukwila, and many places in Washington, Oregon, Montana and Nevada.  It was a very good learning experience.

Dave Perkins, April 2012

The picture of us holding Michele horizontally, is the very first promo picture we did, and was taken in Thom’s back yard.  It was in the spring of 1973 and we were almost ready to hit the world. Come to think of it, we worked real hard to get ready, but those were some real rewarding days.

The photo around the chair was taken later and was our new “official” promo picture.

Dave Perkins, February 2014

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Last Update:  26 February 2014
Credits:  Dave Perkins
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