Sorcerer's Apprentice - Photo Courtesy of Darrell Beaver
Sorcerer's Apprentice
aka:  Russia, Force 10
Seattle, Washington
1974 ~ 1984


Tom Brighton ~ Guitar
Gordon Halperin ~ Keyboards
Tom Morrison ~ Keyboards
Mark Nelson ~ Drums
Scott Palmerton ~ Vocals
Robert Puff ~ Woodwinds, Guitar
Griff Stevens ~ Vocals
Larry Tuttle ~ Bass


Don Beaudreau "The Pope" ~ Production, Lighting
Jeff Hill ~ Sound, Lights, Stage
Brian Hutchison ~ Sound
Preston Peightal ~ Sound, Stage Hand

In the years before the band moved to LA, their live sound technician was Brian Hutchison. He also mixed their demo "Mountains of Love" with Wynn Kutz Kaye Smith Studios in Seattle, which they then took to LA to shop for labels.

Gordon now goes by the name "Gordon Raphael" and is the producer for the now famous band "The Strokes". He had a studio in New York where they made a demo.  When they got signed they hired some mega producer, but didn't like the results and got Gordon to be their producer since he had a great sense of their direction and sound. The rest is history on that one.

Brian Hutchison, November 2005

I was commissioned to do this logo for TSA.  I don’t know if it was ever used.  It was a company in Lynnwood, Washington, that  that asked for it.  The band was trying to go to TSA as the publicity name, hence the way the logo was made.

I wish I could remember more but that was long long ago in a world far far different from today.

The Logo was drawn in the aft cabin of a trimaran drifting at anchor in Hood Canal.

Doug Wyman, November 2012

Sorcerer's Apprentice - Photo Courtesy of Norm Peterson

Tom Brighton - Larry Tuttle - Tom Morrison

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Last Update: 21 November 2012
Credits:  Norm Peterson, Stephen Allen, Brian Hutchison, Darrell Beaver, Jeff Hill, Robert Puff, Doug Wyman
Band # 0036