Soul Proprietor - Image courtesy of Michael Canning
Soul Proprietor
Spokane, Washington
1995 - Present


  Mike "Spike" Baker ~ Trumpet
 Russ Hoffer ~ Saxophone, Lead Vocals, Percussion
 Bruce Hume ~ Saxophone, Flute,
Ken Martello ~ Bass, Vocals
  Phil Jackson ~ Guitar
Stan Jackson ~ Drums, Vocals
 Julie Kenyen ~ Lead Vocals
Keith Lewis ~ Keyboards, Vocals

Michael Canning ~ FOH Audio Engineer

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Soul Proprietor Gigs

Soul Proprietor - Photo Courtesy of Vance Johnson
Ken Luker; Bruce Hume; Stan Jackson; Tiffany Enloe
RCA Dog; Steve Mauer; Tera Wolf; Ken Martello


Ralph Barber ~ Guitar
Ben Carpenter ~ Keyboards
Kathy Conners ~ Vocals
Tiffany Enloe ~ Trombone
Josh Fiegle ~ Vocals
Eddie Gravis ~ Saxophone
Vance Johnson ~ Keyboards, Harp, Vocals
Cecily Liggins ~ Vocals
Ken Luker ~ Guitar
Laura Manson ~ Vocals
Steve Mauer ~ Trumpet, Saxophone, Guitar
Ken Mundel ~ Saxophone
Carol Newcomb ~ Vocals
Vern Petrie ~ Drums
Paul Salerno ~ Guitar
Nick Schauer ~ Guitar
Pat Shook ~ Saxophone
M.J. Weis ~ Saxophone
Tera Wolf ~ Vocals

Soul Proprietor - Photo Courtesy of Vance Johnson
Bruce Hume; Ralph Barber; Stan Jackson; Vance Johnson; James Armstrong; Ken Martello

Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in this band include: Cherry Brandy, Vaya, Hot Spice, Stryker, Sideshow, The Tommy & Vance Show, Progress Hornsby 4,  Tony Vance & The RB Project, The Two Pount Matchbox, Clear Logic,  and many other NW bands.

Soul Proprietor - Photo Courtesy of Vance Johnson
Steve, Ken, Stan, Bruce, Cecily, Ben, Nick, Ken, Mundel

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Last Update: 7 June 2005
Credits: Vance Johnson, Michael Canning, Dave Nelson
Band # 1165