Tacoma, Washington
1975 - 2008


Recent Members

Gary Davis ~ Drums
Dave Dorning ~ Guitar, Vocals
Dave Harmenson ~ Guitar, Dobro, Acoustic & Steel Guitars, Vocals
Tim Hill ~ Bass, Vocals
Pat McCann ~ Guitar, Vocals

Prior Members

Butch Allen ~ Bass, Vocals
Bill Bartlett ~ Guitar
Wayne Burgess ~ Guitar, Vocals
James Caroll ~ Drums
Gary Courtney ~ Guitar, Vocals
Gerry Kent  ~ Drums
Bobby Lee ~ Bass, Vocals
Lila McCann ~ Vocals
Tony Stumpf ~ Guitar, Fiddle
Chuck Turner ~ Guitar, Fiddle, Steel Guitar, Vocals
Randy Viers ~ Drums, Vocals

The Southlanders started in about 1975 when Pat McCann was in the military.  He has had a Southlanders band in Germany, Korea, California, and other places.  In about 1982, Pat moved to the Tacoma area and got The Southlanders going there.

When Lila McCann was bout five years old she started coming our to jam sessions at the local Eagles Clubs.  By the time she was about eight years old she was singing the first set on Saturday nights with the band, and all the daytime fairs, Fourth of July, and other events.  At about the age of 12 she was signed to and artist development deal with Elecktra/Asylum records and the rest is history.  She is 20 now, living in Los Angeles, and has three national release albums to her credit and a few top 10 hits

Tim Hill, December 2001

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Last Update:  30 March 2011
Credits:  Pat McCann, Tim Hill
Band # 682