Spangle at Banana's Tavern - 1972 - Courtesy of John Schneider
Seattle, Washington
1972 - 1973


Bobby Anderson ~ Drums
Mark Gallagher ~ Vocals
Denny Goodhew ~ Saxophone
John Schneider ~ Guitar
Chris Blaine ~ Drums
Dave Smith ~ Bass
Eddie Vance ~ Hammond B3, Vocals

The band was founded and fronted by Mark Gallagher (Fragile Lime, Blue Mountain Eagle, etc.).

It was a short lived group Mark put together after auditioning a number of local Seattle musicians.

The group consisted of Mark; Dave Smith (A Boy & His Dog, Pulse, etc) on Bass;  Bobby Anderson (Bighorn) on drums; Ed Vance (Jessie, Showbiz, and later Freddie Pink, Jerry Miller Band, etc) on Hammond B-3; and John Schneider (Kryptic Light, Uncle Remus, Blizzard, Olde Friends, Pulse, Jessie, Shirley Lorraine's Rush Hour, etc) on Lead Guitar.  Denny Goodhew joined later on Saxes.

My recollection is that the band was formed and gigged in '73.  All of us were in other groups in '70-'72.

John Schneider, June 2009

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Last Update:  18 November 2014
Credits:  Dave Smith, John Schneider, Ed Vance
Band # 995