Sparkling Apple
AKA:  The Plastic Rat Blues Band
Vancouver, British Columbia
1973 -1993
2010 - Present


Colin Hartridge  "Captain Maniac" ~ Drums (73-93)
Gord "Rocky Rockamoto" Higo ~ Bass (73-75)
Rod Knowlan ~ Guitar, Keyboards (81)
    Art  "Art the Fart the Heavy Metal Kid" Kyllonen ~ Guitars (73-93)
Mario Parente ~ Guitar (93)
Gary "Slim Chance" Purcell ~ Bass (84-90)
Kevin Stuart Swain ~ Bass (90-93)
Gary "Stringbean" Walchuk ~ Bass (75-78)
Ric "Buzz Constantly" Whitman ~ Bass (78-83)

In Memory of

Ric"Buzz Constantly" Whitman   (d:  November 2015 

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Colin formed a band in 1969 with Shattered Remains members Jim LeClair and Gord Higo, along with school friend, guitarist Art Kyllonen. This new band was named "The Plastic Rat Blues Band".   After a few gigs, Jim left the group, which was now a trio with Art becoming lead guitarist.  Once Jim had left the band, Colin, Gord and Art settled on a new name in 1973, SPARKLING APPLE.

In 1981, Rod Knowlan (ex-Hot Ice) was added as second guitarist.  Sparkling Apple split up in 1981 after a brief name change to Powerglide, but reformed in 1983 as Sparkling Apple.  The reunited group consisted of Art, Captain Maniac and Buzz Constantly. Gary (Slim Chance) Purcell played bass for the group from 1984 to 1990, and after 1990, bass guitar was handled by Kevin Swain.  In 1993, Art left the group and was replaced by Mario Parente on guitar.  The group finally went into hibernation in 1993

Colin Hartridge, January, 2008 & December 2008

I am now playing with Ray Roper of STONEBOLT fame in his new band RZR and with Cheryl Catherine Smith.

Kevin Swain, December 2008

Sparkling Apple reformed for a special event in Sept 2010 and is currently recording two new original tracks for a compilation CD containing digitally re mastered versions of their previous releases and a few unreleased surprises. The lineup is the last official line up, myself with Colin and Art and possibly a contribution from Ric Whitman ( Buzz Constantly)

Kevin Stuart Swain, October 2011

Sparkling Apple - Image courtesy of Kevin Swain

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Last Update:   26 March 2016
Credits: Roger Stomperud, Colin Hartridge, Kathy Walchuk, Kevin Stuart Swain, Rod Knowlan

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