Spectres - 1966
Gill, Gold, Zinko, Brodie, Clarkson, Hampton, Fairbairn, Metzner
The Spectres
Vancouver, British Columbia
1965 ~ 1970


Malcolm Brodie ~ Trombone
Richard Christie ~ Trumpet, Guitar
Don Craik ~ Guitar
Elliott ‘Syd’ Clarkson ~ Saxophone, Vocals
Bill England ~ Drums
Bruce Fairbairn ~ Trumpet, Vocals
Warren Gill ~ Bass
Joe Gold ~ Organ
Leon Hampton ~ Vocals
Al Home ~ Vocals
Bobby Mayfield ~ Vocals
Peter Metzner ~ Guitar
Steve Perry ~ Guitar
Don Ramsey ~ Organ
Ron Short ~ Drums
Frank Struthers ~ Vocals
William "Billy" Taylor ~ Vocals
Ronn Zinko ~ Drums

In Memory of

Bruce Fairbairn   1949-1999
Warren Gill   2010
Don Ramsey   2002
Ronn Zinko   2015

The Spectres in 1969
Fairbairn, Clarkson, Zinko, Ramsey, Brodie, Christie, Gill, Metzner

According to a newspaper article, Malcolm Brodie, trombone player with this band, became a lawyer and is now Mayor of Richmond.  He is also now also Chairman of TransLink.  Amazing what a good 60's music career can lead to.

John Gedak, January 2006

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Last Update: 9 April 2015
Credits:  Ed Nadorozny, Warren Gill, Elliott Clarkson, John Gedak, Rick Hill
Band # 379