The Squatters Rights
Powell River, British Columbia
1965 - 1968


Chuck Dalzell ~ Drums, Vocals
Darryl Dewynter ~ Keyboards
Ken Dickson ~ Keyboards, Bass
Brian Hilleren ~ Bass
Joe Kane ~ Guitar, Vocals
Don "Red" Lansing ~ Drums
Gerry Romaniuk ~ Guitar

In Memory of

Gerry Romaniuk

The above photo is the version with Ken Dickson on bass and Don Lansing on drums.  Darryl Dewynter is the keyboard player.  Chuck Dalzell has moved out front as singer.

Brian T. Eccles , June 2013

The guitar player is Gerry Romaniuk.  Somehow, I was able to talk him into leaving Port Alberni to play with the band.  He was another great guitar player despite having lost the top third of his index finger in a logging accident.  Eventually he bought a Hammond B3 and returned to Port Alberni to master playing it.  Unfortunately, he passed away, as have other Port musicians.

That is Don Lansing on the Ludwig drums.

What  am I doing pretending to be a lead vocalist?

Chuck Dalzell, June 2013

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Last Update:  23 June 2013
Credits:  William Vincent, Brian Eccles, Chuck Dalzell
Band # 2616