The Squires
Colville, Washington
1966 - 1970


Original Members

Ken Galloway ~ Bass, Vocals
Chris Goetter ~ Lead Guitar
Rob Hardwick ~ Hammond Organ
Chris Peone ~ Drums, Vocals

Later Members

Ron Whorle ~ Rhythm Guitar, Vocals

In Memory of

 Ken Galloway

The Squires played throughout the Inland Empire --- performing at high school dances,  college "Frat" parties, and at the legendary Spokane Coliseum.

Chris (Hardwick) Osteen, Dr. Rob Hardwick, and Bob Acorn, August 2006

They were quite successful at the area Battle of the Bands at the time.  One highlight was playing in Spokane as a lead-in for Santana.  Some of that band went on to form Benny's Reds and Blues.

Carol Goetter, June 2009

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Last Update: 21 July 2010
Credits:  Chris (Hardwick) Osteen, Dr. Rob Hardwick, Bob Acorn, Carol Goetter
Band # 2028