State Fair at the Evergreen Ballroom
State Fair
Later Known as Scot Free
Tacoma, Washington
1967 ~ 1967


Fred (Rico) Corpuz ~ Bass, Vocals
Tim Hill ~ Keyboards, Guitar
Larry Meltsen ~ Drums, Vocals
Ron Rosenbloom ~ Guitar, Vocals

Scott Johns ~ Roadie (Bandboy)

In Memory of

Rico Corpuz
8 September 1948 - 16 January 2006
Larry Meltsen

We found out there was a band in Spokane called State Fair so we had a band meeting.  We went through lots of names and finally Ron Rosenbloom came up with the answer.  We had a close friend who use to roadie for us, Scott Johns, a friend of Larry's from High School (they were in the Lincoln High drum section together).  We use to pay him a little money to help us with our gear.  We did one gig at the Hippodrome and it didn't pay much, so we told Scott we couldn't pay him to help than night.  Scott wanted to go along anyway he said he would help us for .... FREE ... therefore the name Scott Free...  and that's the way it really happened.  State Fair Became Scot Free just like that with the same members.

Tim Hill, November 2001

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Last Update: 4 January 2013
Credits: Tim Hill, Rico Corpuz, Candy Lentz
Band # 640