The "Original" Statesmen
Tacoma, Washington
1958 ~ 1961


Frank Belaski ~ Tenor Saxophone
Chuck Glaser ~
Charles Jones ~ Piano, Hammond B3
Wayne Manning ~ Guitar, Bass
James Oscar Payne ~ Guitar, Bass
Walt Rattenbury ~ Tenor Saxophone
Jerry Spencer ~ Bass
Roy Staggs ~ Pedal Steel
Larry "Fats" Talbert ~ Piano
Jack Williams ~ Keys, Trumpet, Guitar, Harp
Kenny WilliamSon ~ Drums

Roy Staggs,  Jerry Spencer, Ken WilliamSon,  Jimmy Payne,  Wayne Manning, Larry "Fats" Talbert.
Very Early Statesmen

Jimmy, Wayne,  and I were the original formation of the Statesmen.  We added, Jack Williams, Walt Rantenberry, Charles Jones and Frank Belaski after that.

Ken WilliamSon, December 2010

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Last Update: 16 December 2010
Credits: Kenny WilliamSon
Band # 235