Statesmen Photo Courtesy of Terry Miller
The Statesmen - 1961- Courtesy of Terry Miller
The Statesmen
Nampa/Boise, Idaho
1960 - 1966


Tim Bosworth ~ Vocals
Johnny Drinkall ~ Drums
Mike Fuehrer ~ Drums
Lonnie Gunther ~ Gutiar, Saxophone, Vocals
Greg Link ~ Piano
Karl Miller ~Rhythm Guitar
Larry Miller ~ Bass
Terry Miller ~ Lead Guitar
Jerry Moore ~ Drums
Dick Walker ~ Bass

In Memory of

Tim Bosworth

I hooked up with Lonnie Gunther at the University of Idaho.  We were the house band at The Alley during 1965 and 1966 under the name The Statesmen.  Lonnie graduated that year.  A year after that I was in a house band whose name I don't recall.

Mike Fuehrer, June 2006

I remember the Statesmen very well playing in IOOF halls and The Cinimon Cinder in Caldwell and the Coffee Shop in the Dewey Palace Hotel just prior to its distruction.  I have a record that Lonnie Gunther and group put out.  I don't remember the year (maybe 1962) but the title is "Rampage" (Miller-Gunther) and "Forever" (Tim Bosworth) on the Bradlea label.

Tim was a fireman for the city of Nampa for many years.  He was killed while on his motorcycle on the freeway near Nampa over twenty years ago.  I think the Miller that is on the label might be Terry Miller.

Gunther was a very good sax player and did go on to the University of Idaho and played music with the Statesmen at the college.

Robert Millerm, July 2010
Sax & bass for the Alligators of Boise 1964-1968.

They started playing in the Boise area in about 1960 and recorded an instrumental called "Rampage."  It was a hit locally and, along with recordings by Paul Revere and the Raiders and Dick Cates and the Chessmen, was among the first rock songs recorded in Idaho.

Members of the band included Lonnie Gunther on sax, Terry Miller on guitar, Jerry Moore (also a local disc jockey) on drums and  Tim Bosworth on vocals. One of the group's bass players was Dick Walker, who went on to play with Paul Revere and the Raiders,

Tim Winward, September 2010

This band was an offshoot of the Dick Cates and The Nameless Ones band.

Terry Miller joined The Nameless Ones when the original guitar player went into the Army for six months.  When he came back, Dick wanted Darryl Frankie, the original guitar player, and the rest of the band voted to keep Terry.

Dick left with Darryl to form The Chessmen.  The rest of the Nameless Ones hired Tim Bosworth to replace Dick.

The band was Tim Bosworth (vocals), Larry Miller (bass guitar), Terry Miller (lead guitar), Karl Miller (rhythm guitar), Lonnie Gunther (saxophone and vocals), Greg Link (piano) and Johnny Drinkall (drums).

Terry Miller, November 2013

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Credits:  Mike Fuehrer, Rich Crowley, Tim Woodward, Robert Millem, Terry Miller
Band # 1996