Vancouver, British Columbia
Early 1970's - 1989


Brad Anderson ~ Guitar, Bass, Drums
Al Davidson ~ Keyboards
Dick Fryatt ~ Keyboards, Bass, Vocals
Pam Hayden ~ Vocals
Rick Hill ~ Drums
Terry Iverson ~ Trumpet, VOcals
Alex Jackson ~ Alto Saxophone
Kenny Learner ~ Saxophone, Flute, Keyboards
Peter Long ~ Tenor Saxophone
Paul McKane ~ Percussion
Pete Metzner ~ Guitar, Vocals
Wally Nichel ~ Bass, Vocals
Terry Raible ~ Drums, Vocals
Michael Toth ~ Lead Guitar
Steve Tsuruda ~ Saxophone
Larry Volen ~ Saxophone

In Memory of

Terry Iverson

I was a member of this band back in the 80's along with guys like Terry Iverson, Michael Toth, Brad Anderson and Kenny Learner.

One of the members in the photo, Dick, & I had been in bands since our early teens. To see this photo of this band was a real hoot, I remember the faces, but the names escape me, must be my age. I will do some hunting in my attic & try to send some photos of the band when I was a member.  I also sang in a 8-piece horn band in the early 70's called GRANVILLE.  Does anybody remember them??

Terry Raible, May 2008

This was a band that started in the early 1970's and  ran until New Year's Eve in 1989.  The picture of 'STERLING' at the top has the lady sitting in the chair, Pam Hayden.  Starting at the bottom left corner and working clockwise are: Dick Fryatt, Alex Jackson, Peder Long, Pete Metzner, Paul McKane and Wally Nichel.

Below is another picture of 'STERLING' but with a completely different lineup.  Starting at the bottom left (with the gentleman wearing the glasses), the players in this version are: Terry Raible, Brad Anderson, Terry Iverson, and Dick Fryatt.

Some of the other players that were included in the lineup over the years were: Michael Toth, Larry Volen, Ken Lerner, Steve Tsuruda, Al Davidson and Rick Hill.

Dick Fryatt, Founder, 'STERLING', February 2009

Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in members of this group include:  Mantra, R&B AllStars, Steelback, Wired, Immanuel Kant, Top City, The Orbits, Granville, White Buck and many other NW bands.

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Last Update:  7 April 2012
Credits:  Terry Raible, Chandler Keeler (R.I.P), Dick Fryatt
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