Steve and the Goodtimes
Tacoma, Washington
1971 - Present


Bruce Andersen ~ Guitar
Don Anderson ~ Guitar
Glenn Bliss ~ Drums
James Fjeldsted ~ Saxophone
Dick Foreman ~ Guitar, Vocals
Bobby "Keys" Hausenbuiller ~ Keyboards
John Hess ~ Drums
Rich Howes ~ Saxophone, Vocals
Ray Hume ~ Guitar
Steve Johnson ~ Drums
Kieth Klawitter ~ Saxophone
Bob Koch ~ Guitar
William McCollum ~ Drums
Mitch Messinger ~ Drums
Bob Ostrom ~ Bass
Ed Peterson ~ Keyboards
Steve Peticone ~ Guitar
Harold Thomas ~ Guitar

In Memory of

Bob Koch  d:  May 2010
Bob Ostrom  15 June 1948 - 9 July 2010
William McCollum b:  17 January 1953 - d:  24 December 2010

Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in members of this group include:  Newton Snookers & The Tooth Rangers, Three Sheets to The Wind, Milwaukee Road , The Iridescents,  The Wayback Machine, , The Intruders, Rock N Roll Jones, Ice Age, The Crestliners, Diamonds Vocal Band, The Newmans, Wakefield Manor, Sterling Silver Band, Bill Pair IV, New Blues Brothers Revue, The Galaxies, Teaser, Coin Operated, Rock Collection, The Cooltones, and many other NW bands.

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Last Update:  5 January 2011
Credits:  Rich Howes, Jolene Yaconetti, Bill Dean, Brad Johnson, Rick Adams
Band #  2346