Tacoma, Washington
1972 ~ 1973


Wes Ervine ~ Guitar
Dave Hall ~ Guitar
Billy Miranda ~ Vocals
Dave Sides ~ Drums
Jeff Shafer ~ Bass
Mike Stokes ~ Bass

In Memory of

Jeff Shafer
d:  2003

Jeff Shafer

Click here to Listen to 'So This is Love', Sung by Billy Miranda with The Roller Band


STILBORNE was formed by Wes Ervine and Dave Sides  They played taverns and military clubs in the greater Tacoma area.  When STILBORNE disolved, Wes and Billy formed CROSS TOWN TRAFFIC and added another singer, Dennis Moe.  With Billy doing the higher and Dennis doing  the lower voice ranges, this allowed the rest of them to concentrate on their instruments.

In 1997 Wes and Billy, the duo DEEP CONCEPT recorded their own CD, entitled " "Reality Strikes Again".  Since 2001, Wes AKA JM Cruiz has released 9 Jazz Cd's consisting of various forms of Jazz, with the 2013 release of his newest CD, entitled "Jazzy World".  and under Ahedarexia he has released his new Rock CD "Sky Walk" 

Wes has also digitally remastered songs from the group "Stilborne" recorded in 1973 & has put them on CD. If you would like a copy, please email him for info..

Earlier bands formed by Wes were, BREACH OF PEACE and his first giging band, PRODICAL SON  (1970-1971), playing school dances, military clubs and the Red Carpet in Tacoma, Washington.  Many thanks to the Tacoma cops at that time, who did there very best to cooperate with us when we rocked all the neighborhoods we practiced in.

Wes Ervine, March 2001

Click Here to Listen to Stilborne Perform "Little Wing" Live

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Last Update:    28 June 2014
Credits: Wes Ervine

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