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Image courtesy of Rod Gronka
Baron's Blues Band at St Michael's Alley - 1966
Saint Michael's Alley
Seattle, Washington

Some of the bands and acts that performed at this place during those great years of NW music were:

Baron's Blues Band
Blue Light
Corky Ryan Trio
The New Brothers

Others ?

When playing with Corky Ryan, we were just known as the Corky Ryan Trio.

Corky had a good sound going in those days and we were able to pack St. Mike's every weekend.

I don't know how long St. Mike's was in operation.  It was an 18 to 21 club.  No Booze.

Dave Krone, February 2006

A group I use to go see at St. Michael's Alley in the '60's was "The New Brothers" who played blues and jazz.   If I remember right, the drummer's name was Mike Leary.

Judy (Green) Pulley, November 2013

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Credits: Mike Fridgen, Phil Blodgett, Judy (Green) Pulley, Dave Krone, David Bloom