Storm Warnings - 1975 - Photo courtesy of Paul Salerno
Storm Warnings
AKA:  The Jerome Stocco Show
Tacoma, Washington
1974 - 1979


Dig Lewis ~ Bass
Paul Salerno ~ Guitar
Jerome Stocco ~ Vocals
Gary Verrill ~ Keyboards
Larry Washington ~ Drums

Storm Warnings was the house band at the Windjammer restaurant in Shilshole Bay for about a year.  Dig Lewis played bass.  Larry Washington was on drums.  Gary Verrill (of DR. FUNK fame) was on keyboards and the musical director.  Paul Salerno played guitar.  The band featured the golden voice of Jerome Stocco.  Jerome did a Star Search competition; Dig Lewis went on to play with Stevie Wonder; Larry Washington performed in a Tina Turner life-story movie, and Paul can be seen playing around Spokane to this date.

Paul Salerno, December 2001

I played with Jerome, Gary and Dig in Atlanta from about 1976 to 1978 and then they went to Washington.

Michael Trimble, March 2007

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Last Update:  1 March 2007
Credits:  Paul Salerno, Larry Washington, Michael Trimble
Band # 656