Rod Shimizu, Larry Warcup, Larry Goodfellow & Ken Wright
The Stoways
Richmond, British Columbia
1966 ~ 1969


Larry Goodfellow ~ Drums
Rick Kilburn ~ Guitar
Bob Peppler ~ Bass
Rod Shimizu ~ Guitar, Vocals
Larry Warcup ~ Guitar, Vocals
Ken Wright ~ Guitar, Vocals

In Memory of
our Friend

Rod Shimizu
1952 - 2010

In Memory of our friend Rod Shimizu
1952 - 2010

My name is Hennie Shimizu and I am the widow of Rod Shimizu. I just happened upon your website and saw the photos of the band. I can’t begin to thank you for these incredible photo’s.  You were all so young, eh.

Over the years, Rod had spoken so fondly of his time with the band.  Those were wonderful memories for him.  He kept his guitar and would play his favourite tunes on it such as Bad Bad Leroy Brown hahaha.  He often spoke of touching base with the band members and of course as most things go, it never happened.  He was curious as to how your lives went and what you all were doing.

Rod had always been very healthy, led an active lifestyle, played a fair amount of sports such as golfing, curling, slo-pitch and his big love hockey!  On March 8th 2010 he was diagnosed with edemacarcinoma or stomach cancer.  Rod died 4 weeks later on April 7th 2010.  It was such a huge shock for everyone.  It happened so fast.  Rod was in Kamloops Hospice, a wonderful incredible place for him.

I just wanted for you to know that Rod had never forgotten you, you were all a major part of his young adult life. Thank you again for posting the photos, it is so wonderful to be able to look at them.

Yours truly
Hennie Shimizu, August 2013

Rod Shimizu, Larry Warcup, Larry Goodfellow & Ken Wright
(circa 1966)

Bob Peppler (Bass), Larry Warcup (Guitar, vocals), Larry Goodfellow (Drums), Ken Wright (Guitar, vocals), Rick Kilburn (Guitar)
A teacher was using the mike at the R.C. Palmer School Dance (1967)

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Last Update:  4 August 2013
Credits: Larry Warcup, Hennie Shimizu
Band # 3012