Straight Arrow - Photo Courtesy of Larry Fritts
Gene Swift, Larry Fritts, Ed Elam
Straight Arrow
Tigard, Oregon
1973 - 1975


Ed Elam ~ Drums
Larry Fritts ~ Guitar
Gene Swift ~ Bass, Vocals

Although we had the most musical freedom to use feedback and alternate scale and rhythmic systems in this band, we were not in much demand.  We mostly played biker bars, logging camps, and skid row dives in the Portland area getting too close to fights and the occasional dead body every now and then.  Eventually, I quit to go school.  I'm now a Professor of Music Theory and Composition at the University of Iowa (fewer fights and dead people).  I've lost track of Gene and Ed, although if anybody knows where they are, I'd love to say hi.

Larry Fritts, April 2003

The musical freedom that Larry spoke of didn't win many fans but we became very good on our instruments. Ed could do anything he wanted to on drums and Larry became so good and unique that I really do not know how to express it. I don't know if he is playing much guitar these days due to his composing, teaching, etc. but believe me when I tell you that he became world class at that point. Sort of a mix between Larry Coryell, Frank Zappa, Wes Montgomery, Jerry Garcia and George Harrison yet it was his own style.

Gene Swift, April 2005

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Last Update:  10 April 2005
Credits:  Larry Fritts, Gene Swift
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