The Strangers - Photo Courtesy of Lyle Berry, April 2007
Pat Bohle
Don, Alan Winslow, and Lyle Berry
Tommy Thompson and Cordell Covert.
Strangers in about 1964
The Strangers
Lakewood, Washington
1964 - 1966


Lyle Berry ~ Bass
Pat Bohle ~ Drums
Cordell Covert ~ Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Mark Stubbs ~ Tambourine, Vocals
Tommy Thompson ~ Rhythm Guitar
Al Winslow ~ Guitar, Vocals
Don ? ~ Vocals

In Memory of

Cordell Covert

The Strangers - Photo Courtesy of Lyle Berry, April 2007
The Strangers at American Lake - Lyle, Pat and Alan

Evolving from the WIld Vibrations, The Strangers did covers of British Invasion stuff.  We played at a lot of wild frat parties at UPS.  The Strangers incorporated Alan Winslow (later of Shiloh) on lead guitar and vocals, Mark Stubbs on vocals, Cordell Covert on rhythm and vocals, Tommy Thompson on 12 string rhythm, Pat Bohle (Sky Boys) on drums. Don was a Clover Park 1964 alumni.

The Strangers started in about the fall of 1964 and played until late 1966.  When I left to go to war in 1966, The Strangers evolved into The Mersey Six and I trained a new bass player to take my spot.  We had some great times together.

I am still playing my bass and electric guitars here in Florida and  working as a nuclear engineer.

Lyle Berry, April 2007

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Credits: Lyle Berry, Al Winslow
Band #  2192