The Stretch Wabash Band - 1976 -  Courtesy of Dan Faller
The Stretch Wabash Band - 1976
The Stretch Wabash Band
Lewiston, Idaho
1976 ~ 1982


Terry Bigger ~ Drums
Brian Davies ~ Pedal Steel
Dwight Eckert ~ Bass
Dan Faller ~ Guitar, Vocals
Bruce Grimoldby ~ Guitar
Greg Hill  ~  Drums
Dave Hupp ~ Bass
Les Hutchinson ~ Drums
Jess LaFollette ~ Bass
Marty Lukenbill ~ Guitar, Vocals
Bruce Pederson ~ Drums
Jack Scott ~ Guitar, Vocals
Cody Seidel ~ Guitar, Vocals
Grady Shawver ~ Guitar
Jim Smiley ~ Piano, Keyboard Bass, Vocals
Jack Smith ~ Guitar, Vocals
Todd Sprague ~ Drums
Rick Wiley ~ Drums
Jeff Young ~ Drums


Brad Bateman ~ Sound and Lights


In Memory of

Brad Bateman  (1955-2002)
Dwight Eckert  (1948-2004)
Jess LaFollette (1954-2008)
Jack Smith (1952-2008)

The Stretch Wabash Band - 1977 - Courtesy of Dan Faller
The Stretch Wabash Band - 1977

The Stretch Wabash Band - 1979


The Stretch Wabash Band operated out of Lewiston, Idaho and tried relocating to Seattle in 1979.  In 1979, they began to tour western Canada and even had a Canadian drummer (Bruce Pederson) for over a year.  The band started out as an outlaw country band and wound up southern rock.

Dan Faller, August 2005

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Credits: Dan Faller, Scott Gagel
Band # 1781