Paul Parry, Blaine O'Bray, Red Robinson (at microphone commentating event),
Gerry Fiander, Gary O'Bray, Harry Van, and Clive Gard below at the paino. (Photo Courtesy of Clive Gard)
The Stripes
Vancouver, British Columbia
1958 ~ 1960


Gerry Fiander ~ Guitar, Vocals
Clive Gard ~ Piano
Jim Morrison ~ Vocals
Blaine O'Bray ~ Bass
Gary O'Bray ~ Drums
Paul J. Perry, Jr. ~ Saxophone
Ian Tyson ~ Guitar
Harry Van ~ Guitar

In Memory of

Gary O'Bray
d:  July 2015

The Four Quarters and The Stripes
Red Robinson Canadian Bandstand Show

"Ready to Rock/ So Long Goodbye", Arctic 5001

This is one of two bands from Vancouver called The Stripes in the 1950's

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Last Update:  4 August 2015
Credits:  Ed Nadorozny, Clive Gard, Aaron Wakely, Chris Wolfe

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