Stubborn Puppett - May 1981 - Photo by Jon Sleight Provided Courtesy of Carl Bennett
Tom Dickens, Lyle Holdahl, Nancy Kaye & Kevin Hay
Photo by Jon Sleight Provided Courtesy of Carl Bennett
Stubborn Puppet
Seattle, Washington
1980 - 1987


Carl Bennett ~ Bass
Pete Bodin ~ Drums
Dave Crowther ~ Drums
Tom Dickens ~ Drums
Kevin Hay ~ Lead Guitar, Vocals
Lyle Holdahl ~ Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals
Nancy Kaye ~ Vocals
Jim Kroop ~ Guitar
Rich LaPore ~ Keyboards
Don Milgate ~ Drums
Bruce Pritchard ~ Lead Guitar
John Reagan ~ Drums
David Salwitz ~ Bass
Greg Shirley ~ Lead Guitar, Vocals
Greg Zimmerman ~ Lead Guitar


Ed Sullivan
Joe Sullivan

In Memory of

Greg Zimmerman
d:  15 Feb 2013

Polaroid proof taken 18 June 1983
Rich LaPore, Lyle Holdahl, John Reagan, Greg Shirley & Carl Bennett
Polaroid proof taken 18 June 1983.
Photograph from the John Reagan collection.

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I was a member of the follow-up band to Harlequin Mass, formed after HM's dissolution in Seattle, Stubborn Puppet.

Stubborn Puppet was a band active in Seattle from 1980 through circa 1987.  We played gigs with a few other Seattle bands like Visible Targets, The Attachments, and others I don't remember at the moment.

Carl Bennett, July 2010

Kevin Hay (guitar puppet) — Kevin is the youngest puppet and occasionally sleeps on a couch. His feet stick out under the blanket. He recently had a haircut.

Lyle Holdahl (keyboard puppet) — Lyle has played keyboards for the puppets about one month and has progressed remarkably well. He works in a bakery and occasionally pilfers food to bring home.

Nancy Kaye (vocals, keyboards) — Nancy has recently acquired a job in a health spa, and now never has time to practice. She likes to drive her little yellow car and drink beer.

Tom Dickens (drums) — Tom never wears shoes if he can help it! He has a lovely new girl friend so we hardly see him anymore cause they’re usually in the basement where all else fears to tread.

Carl Bennett (bass) — Carl knows a lot of trivia pertaining to movies. He has a small office where he goes to draw pictures. He has a crush on Ingrid Bergman.

Tracy Deaver (from the Stubborn Puppets Website)

Joe Sullivan, Carl Bennett, Kevin Hay & Pat Hewitt, recording engineer
A photo taken during Stubborn Puppet’s 6-16 November 1981 demo recording sessions at Seattle’s Triangle Recording.
Photo by Dave Crowther - Provided courtesy of Carl Bennett

Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in members of this group include:  Harlequin Mass, Magus, Numatics, X-Static, Stratocruisers, Daniel, Amethyst, Reflections and many other NW bands.

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Credits: Carl Bennett, Jim Wilson
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