Student Nurse - Image Courtesy of Will Adams
Student Nurse
Seattle, Washington
1979 - 1984


 Eric Muhs ~ Guitar
Jonny Rubato ~ Drums
Helayna Rogers ~ Guitar, Lead Vocals
William Adams ~ Bass, Synth

Others ?

I was a member of the trio version of Student Nurse during 1979-1980.  We played gigs at The Bahamas, Evergreen College, Rock Against Radiation, The Daily Bread etc.

We published a 3-song 45 r.p.m. record with the songs:  Disco Dog, Lies, Snow

After I left, Helayna and Jon added two new members and made more recordings.

Will Adams, March 2013

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5 May 2013
Credits:  Eric Muhs, Will Adams, Tom Dyer (Flyer)
Band # 2818