Stumblin’ Gold
Tulalip, Washington
1973 - 1979


Mike Crocker ~ Guitar, Vocals
Marty Kona ~ Guitar, Bass, Banjo. Vocals
Mike Oshie ~ Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Brian Spitzer ~ Drums
Steve Stransky ~ Guitar, Bass, Mandolin, Saxophone, Harp, Vocals
Dave Wilson ~ Drums
Chris ? ~ Drums
Walt ? ~ Bass

In Memory of

Steve "Sarge" Stransky
b:  31 December 1950  -  d:  9 February 2012

Back in about 1973, Marty Kona and Steve Stransky were living on the beach in Tulalip, WA.  They often ended up at the same parties and eventually began playing their acoustic guitars together, jamming on Beatles songs and current pop tunes, such as the Eagles, Bob Seeger and Steve Miller.

One thing lead to another and they decided to pull a band together, with the help of some other friends, like Mike Oshie, Brian Spitzer and Mike Crocker.  The line up was refined, as parties and gigs were undertaken, until they were solid, vocally and instrumentally.

There were plenty of great clubs to play in those days, and Stumblin’ Gold became very popular at the General store, in Snohomish, Goldie’s North in Marysville, Big Sam’s in Mukilteo, The China Gardens, The On Broadway in Everett and The China Doll.

The band grew and matured, to include about a dozen original tunes and a very diverse assortment of pop, rock, country rock and even some bluegrass flavored stylings.  By this time the drums were being held down by Dave Wilson and the Gold had found it's longest lived lineup.  As the band attracted more fans, they became a popular attraction at Goldie’s North, in Marysville, a large venue that brought in such acts as Stryker, Rail, The Heats, etc.  Stumblin’ Gold would often play the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights and then open for the bigger shows on Friday and Saturdays.

Members eventually branched out to try different projects and directions and the band regrouped a couple times, always with interesting results.  The early 1970’s were a great time for bands brought together by friendship and a love of music and Stumblin’ Gold epitomized that.

Stumblin’ Gold opened for The Heats and Rail, pictured here at Goldie’s North, where it was not uncommon for them to bring in an entire living room, complete with overstuffed chairs, lamps, rugs and live plants… and set it up on stage, to promote a feeling of friends, playing for friends

Pictured above is the final version of the band, including Walt.  After a couple year hiatus, Marty and Mike joined with Steve Stransky, Bruce Malmberg and Steve Mc Cowen, to form the first version of the “Bad Bees”,

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Last Update:   9 February 2012
Credits:  Steve Stransky

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