Nanaimo, British Columbia
1968 - 1972


Rick Haug ~ Bass
Rick Haworth ~ Guitar, Vocals
Ray Johansen ~ Guitar
Don Kennedy ~ Drums
Bob McGlenen ~ Keyboards
Sandy McVicker ~ Drums
Steve Miller ~ Drums

I was a guitarist / vocalist in the band "Suede" in Nanaimo.  Talk about bringing back a flood of memories!

Ray Johansen, Bob McGlennen, Rick Haug, Steve Miller and I started this band during the summer months practicing, as I remember, three or more hours almost daily. With this kind of practicing, the band got pretty tight and we began playing out.

It would be great to see how Ray and some of the guys are doing and who's still playing.

Rick Haworth, April 2010

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Last Update: 12 January 2011
Credits:  Larry Kulai, Rick Haworth
Band # 1369