Sweet Ginger - Photo courtesy of Scott Lindstrom
Summer Blues Band
Beaverton, Oregon
1967 - 1970


Bob Belshee ~ Drums
Arthur Bullis ~ Bass
Steve Ernsberger ~ Vocals
Don Oblander ~ Guitar
Pete Pelling ~ Guitar
Scott Potter ~ Guitar, Vocals

The same people were later going by the "Chains of Illusion" with the same cast of characters, except that by, Scott Potter was gone (off to school, though he stayed as a manager).  Steve Ernsberger was the primary singer and alsoplayed organ.

Most of the (limited) "gigging" we did was as the "Chains of Illusion", though someone once billed us as "The Warlocks".

Don Oblander, May 2009

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Last Update:  6 December 2010
Credits: Linda Clausen, Scott Potter, Don Oblander
Band #  2331