Sunnyland Band
Portland, Oregon
1971 - 1975


Alan Gaylor ~ Guitar, Harp, Vocals
Dr. John Goldman ~ Saxophone, Flute, Vocals
Art Lowell ~ Violin, Mandolin, Vocals
Mike Strickland ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Michael Weinreich ~ Drums
Scott White ~ Bass, Flute, Vocals


Allen Cavallo ~ Sound

I can remember going to Frankenstein's on the Waterfront near NW Portland to hear Sunnyland Band.  They had a great following.  They played there during 1971 and 1972.

Mary Soule, June 2007

Sunnyland Band played at my wedding in October 1973.  SB was a great acoustic/electric folk/rock/jazz amalgam performing mostly their own compositions.  Besides Mike Strickland on piano, the band included Alan Gaylor on guitar and harmonica.  Alan wrote Tiny Island, which Leo Kottke included on one of his albums, and with which he had middling success on stations like Portland's KINK-FM.

Scott White (I think that was his last name) played electric fretless bass and, I think, flute. Art Lowell played violin. The drummer's name was Weinreich, or something like that. I'm not sure of his first name, but it may have been Mike. He fit the band perfectly, like the rest of the players.

Strickland and Gaylor did the bulk of the singing and song writing, and I think Scott and Art did some back-up singing.

Last I knew - and this was some time ago - Alan was living in Hawaii running a business called Sunnyland Music.

Dave Cross, June 2007

The Band are currently working on their archive of recordings from live performances and studio tracks, mostly from their own Dinky Studio in Portland. The Band met in Oregon at the end of August 2007 to listen to the 100's of hours of recordings they have, transfer the tapes to digital, which are now being restored and mastered. I am currently working on recordings at my studios in London UK made with the Sunnyland Band backing Tom Waits at Euphoria in 1975.

The Sunnyland Band were very special and I am very lucky to have worked with them, however briefly.

Dennis Weinreich, September 2007
Videosonics Cinema Sound

Where they are now:

Michael Strickland (Portland, OR): keyboards, vocals, de facto Art Director

Michael Weinreich (Oceanside, CA): drums

Scott White: (Milwaukie, OR):  bass

Dr. John Goldman (Chicago, IL): sax, flute, vocals

Alan Gaylor (Honolulu, HI): guitar, vocals, harmonica

Art Lowell: (where is Art?): violin, mandolin

Allen Cavallo: (Happy Valley, OR): soundman

Providence/Sunnyland Band Poster - Courtesy of Lew Jones

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Credits:   Mary Soule, Dale Turnbull, Lew Jones, Dave Cross, Dennis Weinreich, Michael Strickland

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