Lewiston, Idaho
1977 - 1988


Ron Albright ~ Saxophone, Flute, Percussion, Vocals
Randy Bennett ~ Drums, Vocals
Boyd W. Benson ~ Keyboards, Harp
Buzz Brown ~ Drums
Pete Charles ~ Bass, Vocals
Jeff Johnson ~ Guitar, Vocals
Mark Lawrence ~ Bass, Vocals
Jim Martin ~ Bass, Vocals
Ron Olson ~ Guitar, Vocals
Dale Peterson ~ Bass, Vocals
Grady Shawver ~ Guitar
Bobby West ~ Bass
Randy Winkler "Herman Winkleman"  ~ Guitar, Vocals
Ralph Wilsey ~ Bass
Jimmy ?  ~ Drums

Others ?

Randi Bennett, Jim Martin, and Randy Winkler AKA "Herman Winkleman".

We started out as a bar band in Lewiston Idaho, and ended up as a road band, traveling the north west, south west, west coast and Canada.  We played everything from top 40 country to top 40 rock. I left the band in about 1980 .   I know the band continued for most of the 80s, but im not quite sure who all the members were at that time.

J.W. Johnson, January 2006

I was lucky enough to have spent a summer (1981-or '82) as a "fill-in" drummer for Sunrise while my own band, "The Feds", were trying to find a new bass player.  At that time the line up was Randi Bennett, Jim Martin, and Randy Winkler AKA "Herman Winkleman".

What a fun and talented group of guys.  It was a real pleasure to do the weekend warrior attacks on Central Idaho with these guys. Good memories-Great guys. Thanks!

Buzz Brown, Bainbridge Island, Wa., February 2009

My name is Boyd W. Benson.  I played keyboards and harmonica with Sunrise in the mid-eighties for a few years.

The bass player's name was Ralph Wilsey.

I'm now a fairly known writer/poet, regionally, and would love to add a paragraph to this entry.   Likewise, if you could pass my name and email address to Jeff Johnson, who has contributed much to your site, I'd love to get back in touch with him.

Boyd W. Benson, May 2013

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Last Update:  30 May 2013
Credits: Jeff Johnson, Buzz Brown, Boyd Benson

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