Sunshyne in the Summer of 1973 - Courtesy of ananymous contributor.
Summer of '73
Peter Bjerring, Bruce Fairbairn, Richard Christie, Bill Buckingham
Ralph Eppel, Steve The Juggler, Tom Keenlyside
Jim Vallance

Vancouver, British Columbia
1970 - 1976


Ross Barrett ~ Saxophone
Peter "The Kaptin" Bjerring ~ Keyboards, Guitar
Bill Buckingham ~ Tuba, Guitar
Dave Calder ~ Drums
Richard "Dexter" Christie ~ Bass
Ralph Eppel ~ Trombone
Bruce Fairbairn ~ Trumpet, Vocals
Craig Holden ~ Vocals
Tom Keenlyside ~ Saxophone, Flute, Trombone, Vocals
 Mike Logie  ~ Vocals
Lindsay Mitchell ~ Guitar
David Pickell ~ Keyboards
Jim Powell ~ Drums
Don "The Reverend" Ramsay ~ Organ
David Sinclair ~ Guitar, Vocals
Steve Sullivan ~ Juggler
Jim Vallance ~ Drums
Ronn Zinko ~ Drums

Bruce Ball ~ Drums, Photographer

In Memory of

Bruce Fairbairn   1949-1999
Ronn Zinko    d:  2015

Sunshyne (1970-1976) was the offshoot of an Vancouver R&B band called the "Spectres". Sunshyne was notable for numerous reasons: it made forays into various fusions of music (jazz ,rock, R&B ,even liturgical); it got a ton of press (including Time Magazine.); and it kick started the playing and writing careers of some pretty heavy hitters (Jim Vallance , Bruce Fairbairn to name two ). Most of the guys that went through this band are still full-time musicians . Sunshyne was also the precursor to the band "Prism", in which I played for a year, and which ultimately led to Vallance writing a gazillion hits for Bryan Adams, and Fairbairn producing huge albums for Aerosmith and the like . Anyhow, I digress...

Tom Keenlyside, Vancouver, January 2004

I am Ralph Eppel and I was the trombone on demos with Under Construction, the name before Prism, and was on the N.A. tour in 77 opening for Meatloaf and other Canadian tours. With Bruce Faibairn and Tom Keenlyside, we were the horn section of Sunshyne.

Ralph Eppel, Feb 2014

Easter Be-In in Stanley Park, CA... spring 1971.  Courtesy of Roger Stomperud

Photo by Bruce F. Ball, provided courtesy of Roger Stomperud

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Credits:  Tom Keenlyside, Roger Stomperud, Ananymous Contributor, Bruce F. Ball, Ralph Eppel, Rick Hill

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