Surt Trio - Photo courtesy of Ron Kleim
Surf Trio in 1986
Surf Trio
Eugene, Oregon
1984 - 2000


Tim Erickson ~ Drums
Terrence Kerrigan ~ Drums
Ron Kleim ~ Guitar, Vocals
Jeff Martin ~ Bass, Vocals
Dave Meyer ~ Bass
Aaron Temple ~ Drums
Chuck Thompson ~ Drums
Pete Weinberger ~ Guitar, Vocals

The Surf Trio was a surf rock band based in Eugene, Oregon which formed in 1984.

Founding members included Ron Kleim on guitar and vocals, Pete Weinberger on guitar and vocals, Dave Meyers on bass and Aaron Temple on drums.

Dave Meyers was replaced by Jeff Martin shortly after the release of their first E.P. on Moxie records in 1985.

Terrence Kerrigan, from The Bo Diddley Headhunters, replaced Aaron Temple in August 1988 and was with the band through June 1989, when he, Martin and Weinberger formed The Wicked Ones.

Tim Erickson and Chuck Thompson handled the drum duties at various times during the band's reformation in the mid-to-late 1990s.

The Surf Trio recorded and played mostly original material; instrumental surf, 60's garage, pop-punk and Ramones influenced punk rock.

The band, along with The Miracle Workers and Dead Moon from Portland, Girl Trouble from Tacoma, and The Mono Men from Bellingham, were a part of the Pacific Northwest's 60s-influenced, garage rock music scene during the mid-to-late 1980s.

The group has a long list of releases on indie labels including Voxx, Moxie, September Gurls, BloodRed, Get Hip, Pin-Up and several others.

Surf Trio played famous Northwest clubs like Club Satyricon, The Blue Gallery, The Pine Street Theatre, Starry Night, The Off-Ramp, Max's, The W.O.W. Hall, with dozens of gigs in Bellingham, Seattle, Portland, Salem and Eugene.

The band shared the stage with such groups as The Stray Cats, The Young Fresh Fellows, The Lyres, Dead Moon, The Mono Men, Afgan Wigs, Sky Saxon, and Girl Trouble.

The band played three California gigs; one in L.A. while recording their Voxx L.P. "Almost Summer" and two shows at the Purple Onion in San Francisco.

Surf Trio toured Germany in 1994 and 1997. The band continued to play Northwest clubs and recorded their final L.P. "Forbidden Sounds" on Dionysis Records in 1999.

Ron Kleim went on to form Marble Orchard in 1989.

Jeff Martin and Pete Weinberger formed the Wicked Ones and the Romaines.

In 1994 Surf Trio recorded a bunch of music for a show on the Learning Channel called "Neat Stuff".  It was a collectables type show that traveled the US looking for unusual collections of things such as records, toys, antiques, cars, guitars, Hollywood star's clothes, etc.

Ron Kleim, January 2009

Jeff will be releasing a DVD soon on his BloodRed label with Surf Trio, Boss Martians an the Astronauts filmed in Bellingham, WA in 1994.
Ron Klein, September 2010

Surf Trio in Nürnberg

Surt Trio - Photo courtesy of Ron Kleim
Surf Trio and Psychotic Youth on Tour in Germany - 1997

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Surt Trio - Photo courtesy of Ron Kleim
Jeff & Ron with Greg Shaw at Bomp Records, 1986

Some of the Pacific Northwest music groups represented today in members of this group include: Vicious Circle, Bone Games, Meat Cigars,  Evolutionary Dance, Marble Orchard, Clockwatchers, and Electric Flies and many other Northwest Groups

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