The Survivors
Terry, Dayton, Frank, Bill, Dave
The Survivors
Sweet Home, Oregon


Frank Gutch, Jr. ~ Drums
Dave Horner ~ Guitar, Vocals
Bill Johnson ~ Guitar, Vocals
Terry Rice ~ Piano
Dayton Turner ~ Guitar

In the little writeup about A Six Pack, I mentioned an earlier band called The Survivors.  Frank Gutch, Jr. has located a snapshot of that band.

The photo shows one of the few performances of that band, probably a post football game dance in the fall of 1964.  This band, formed in Sweet Home, Oregon, in the fall of 1964 never, got ot of town and may not have even survived football season!

Pictured are, Terry Rice on piano, (from left) Dayton Turner, Bill Johnson and David Horner on guitars and Frank Gutch, Jr., on drums.  The photo, we think, was taken by a Sweet Home High School student, Ernie Dunigan.

Dayton Turner, February 2006

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Last Update: 17 September 2011
Credits: Frank Gutch, Jr., Dayton Turner
Band # 1958